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    If you’re in need of a fun, creative, and relaxing outlet, then look no further than Just Claying Around, Inc. We are a pottery center with everything you need, no matter what your age, whether you’re in college and you need a break, a busy mom with kids all around, or a child in need of a creative outlet.

    Drop in to our pottery center and have fun while you relax and tap into your creativity. We are not only for kids, but great for things like groups or first dates. Our pottery services include Kid’s Night, where you can leave your kid to create in a safe environment and get some well deserved time to yourself. We are also perfect for birthday parties. Come in and see how much easier we will make the planning!

    Just Claying Around, Inc. in Fayetteville, NC invites you to come in and pick your piece and your paint, the fun is in the creating. We have stencils, stamps, idea books, and everything you need to create your own masterpiece! Our ceramic pieces are not only fun, but functional. We have tiles for your bathroom, light switch plates, bowls, cell phone holders, and much more. Give our pottery center a call at 910-487-9242 and let's start having fun.

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    Just Claying Around, Inc. in Fayetteville, NC is your number one pottery spot. Bring the kids, bring a date, and bring yourself for the best creative spot on the block. We are a great choice for birthday parties or drop the kids off for a fun and creative time, which will do wonders! Call us at 910-487-9242 to find out more about our available services:

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